Short Christmas Song Lyrics

Short Christmas Song Lyrics

During the Christmas season, we still spend time in the shop. But while there, it’s important to get things done. Sanding wood can be a tedious job—especially if you’re doing it by yourself! It helps to have something else to do. You can sing or listen to music while you’re working. You can also take … Read more

6 Great DIY Pallet Wood Box Ideas

6 Great DIY Pallet Wood Box Ideas

Do you have piles of old pallet wood lying around? Maybe you have a few pieces from an unfinished project gathering dust in the garage. Maybe you’ve been collecting pallets for months, but you’ve never gotten around to using them. Or maybe you’re just ready to start working with wood, but you don’t know where … Read more

7 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your First Woodworking Project (Astounding!)

7 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your First Woodworking Project Image

Starting your first woodworking project can be an incredibly rewarding experience—but it can also be a little intimidating. You don’t need to be afraid of getting started, though! The key is to be prepared and know what you’re in for. Here are 7 things you absolutely must know before starting your first woodworking project: #1. … Read more

5 Reasons The Jigsaw Lets You Be More Productive

5 Reasons Why The Jigsaw Lets You Be More Productive

Do you know that feeling of being trapped in a mountain of tasks? Like you’re just trying to stay afloat, but it’s like you’re swimming upstream while wearing a jean jacket and someone glued your arms to your sides? It’s why they created the Jigsaw! The Jigsaw is a productivity tool that helps you take … Read more

Wood is Good – 10 Reasons to Get Into Woodworking

Wood Is Good - 10 Reasons To Get Into Woodworking

There’s something about working with wood that is both incredibly rewarding and serenely calming. It’s a medium that has been used by humans for centuries, and it has the power to make us feel connected with our past while also allowing us to create something entirely new. Woodworking is a fun and rewarding hobby—and it’s … Read more

Humorous Woodworking Song Lyrics

Humorous Woodworking Song Lyrics

Do you ever find yourself bored when sanding, finishing wood, etc.? I do. This is why I made up 35 woodworking songs, and created humorous lyrics for them. Hopefully, some of these silly ditties will tickle your funny bone and make the time spent in the shop fly by! Song lyrics about woodworking tools I’ve … Read more

Do I Need To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Curves?

Do I Need To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Curves

When you’re a woodworker, you often need to cut curves. It’s one of the hardest tasks to accomplish in terms of woodworking. Whether it’s for indoor furniture or a shelf in the garage, cutting curves is tricky. Woodwork is like a puzzle, and every piece has its own set of curves that fit perfectly with … Read more