Short Christmas Song Lyrics

During the Christmas season, we still spend time in the shop. But while there, it’s important to get things done. Sanding wood can be a tedious job—especially if you’re doing it by yourself!

It helps to have something else to do. You can sing or listen to music while you’re working. You can also take breaks and do something fun like play a game on your phone or read an e-book.

We have written three songs that express the Christmas spirit and celebrate woodworkers.

They can give you something to do while you’re waiting for glue to dry or sawdust to settle so that you don’t have to sit there and twiddle your thumbs.

And now, without further ado—the Short Christmas Song Lyrics!

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You Never Know When You’ll Find Love

This song has the genre “love ballad”.

Love ballads are songs that express the emotions of love and devotion.

Verse 1:

My girl has a smile that makes me feel like the world is full of possibility, and her laugh is so infectious that it can make even the darkest day seem brighter.

She’s intelligent and fun to talk with.

Just being around her lights up my day.

I met my girl in the workshop at our local community center during the Christmas season.

I was using my jigsaw to cut out some wooden ornaments when she came in and told me she liked my project.

We got to talking about our favorite woodworking projects, and before long we were spending every evening together at the workshop.

Verse 2:

She was the first person I met in the workshop during the Christmas season.

Her smile and her laugh were what attracted me to her.

We talked about our favorite woodworking projects when we first met.

But then, after she left, something happened.

That night I could hardly sleep because all I could think about was her.


My girl, my girl, don’t you worry.

I am here to help you through.

I will help you with your woodworking.

And when I’m done, we can talk about our favorite projects!

Verse 3:

I made a dining room table for my parents; she made a set of shelves for her apartment.

It was a perfect moment for two people like us.

We were both getting ready for Christmas celebrations at home, but she’d been working all day in the workshop and needed to get out for some fresh air.

We got along instantly. She made me feel calm and happy.

I made her feel calm and happy too.

After our first interaction, I knew this was something special.

Something worth pursuing because it felt so right in every way possible.

A few weeks later, we started dating and we might get married someday.

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The Jigsaw

This song has the genre “hip-hop”.

The jigsaw is one of those tools that can make or break your project. If you’ve ever found yourself in a jam while working with wood, you know how important it is to have the right tool for the job.

Verse 1:

I grew up loving jigsaws.

My father was a woodworker and he always kept his tools in good working order.

When I was old enough to hold a hammer and screwdriver, he taught me how to use them.

But it wasn’t until I was given a jigsaw for Christmas that I really fell in love with the craft.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and get started on something beautiful.

It can cut through wood like butter or carve out intricate designs in metal or plastic.

Every time you use it, there’s something new to discover.

Verse 2:

My father had been right.

There is nothing more versatile than a good jigsaw.

They are perfect for creating intricate shapes, curves, and designs.

They’re also great for cutting straight lines.

One of the key elements to using a jigsaw is enjoying yourself.

The sound of the blade cutting through wood is like music to my ears.

The vibration from the motor makes your whole body tingle with excitement as each cut comes together into something new and wonderful.

Something you never thought possible until you made it happen with your own two hands.


And let me tell you.

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling the smooth texture of your work come together as you use your jigsaw to shape it into something beautiful.

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve created something new and wonderful with your own two hands.

Verse 3:

I grew up using jigsaws, and my father was a woodworker.

I remember watching him cut patterns for our furniture with his trusty jigsaw, and I knew I wanted to be just like him when I grew up.

The first time I picked up the jig saw was like an awakening.

It was like an extension of my hand, moving over the wood with ease.

The sound of the blade slicing through the air was exciting and beautiful.

I felt like anything was possible with this tool at my side.

As long as I had a steady hand and patience for detail.

I hope to pass on this love for jigsaws to my children someday soon.

So that they too can enjoy the joys of working with tools in their own homes.

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My Sister And The Carpenter

This song has the genre “Country Music”.

Verse 1:

I know, I know.

You’re probably thinking that this is a pretty strange song for me to be writing right now.

But it’s true!

My sister has fallen in love with a carpenter.

He was new to town, and my sister met him in the wood shop.

She was so excited to meet someone new, and she thought he was cute.

They started talking, and they felt like they could talk for hours.

They shared their dreams and hopes for the future, and they felt like they could trust each other with anything.

They had so many things in common!

They say love finds you when you least expect it.

And they were right.

Verse 2:

It all happened during the Christmas season, which made it even more perfect.

She was there picking out some decorations for our tree when he walked up behind her and asked if he could help with anything.

And before long, they were chatting away like old friends.

He told her about his family and his hobbies, and she told him about hers.

And then he asked her out.

They spent more time together as the weeks went by, until one day they realized that they were falling in love.

My sister had never felt this way before.

It was like magic.

She couldn’t believe how quickly things moved from there.

But I guess love works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?


They became friends first, talking about their favorite music and whatnot, but soon they were inseparable.

My sister fell in love with him when she saw his smile and heard him sing songs of old country music on his guitar.

Verse 3:

The next day was Christmas Eve, so he came over with a small present for her.

An engagement ring.

She was so excited to see it, and he knew that she would be.

And then he asked her to marry him. He said, “Will you be my wife?”. And she said yes.

They hugged and kissed, and they were so happy.

Anyway, we’re so excited for them both.

They’re getting married soon.

This has been an amazing Christmas season.

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Final words: Short Christmas Song Lyrics

I hope you enjoyed these silly song lyrics.

I hope they helped you pass the time in the shop, and I also hope that they help to make Woodworking a more enjoyable activity.

And of course, I wish you all the best for Christmas.

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