Humorous Woodworking Song Lyrics

Do you ever find yourself bored when sanding, finishing wood, etc.? I do. This is why I made up 35 woodworking songs, and created humorous lyrics for them. Hopefully, some of these silly ditties will tickle your funny bone and make the time spent in the shop fly by!

Song lyrics about woodworking tools

I’ve got a toolbox, baby, with all the tools I need,
With all the tools I need,
It’s got a hammer and some nails and everything,
Everything that you would need for woodworking
With my toolbox, I can do anything,
Anything you want me to do.
I know how to use a sander!
I know how to use a saw!
With my toolbox, I can do anything, baby.

I got a hammer and I got a saw
And I also got a bunch of wood
I’m gonna make something real cool
You know you’re gonna love it when you see it!
I’m gonna build a table for two
And you’re gonna sit here next to me
We’re gonna eat food and watch TV
It’s gonna be so nice.

Sawing, sawing, sawing away.
I’m sawing wood all night and all day.
Saw it for the first time when I was 16,
And now I can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet feel of my blade on a tree.
My face is covered in splinters and I can’t recall my name.
All I know is that I love this hobby and the sound of a chainsaw’s whine.
Now if only my wife would stop complaining about the piles of wood in our living room!

My honey’s got a power tool
She’s got some serious skills
I wanna watch her make a box
But she never takes her safety goggles off.
Building, building, drilling, drilling, cutting, cutting, sawing sawing baby
Building building, drilling drilling, cutting cutting sawing sawing lady
Drilling and hammering in the house tonight
She’s gonna build it up when she gets it right.

Woodworking song lyrics about glue

I wrote an article about wood glue.

Walking on a stairway,
I see a table that’s about to break
And I say, “Hey! That’s not a mistake!”
It just needs a little more… glue.
That’s what holds things together, you know?
You’ve got to have glue!
What do you need it for?
If you’re making something new,
You need some glue.
‘Cuz what holds things together is glue, yeah! Yeah!

My favorite project, now in ruins
Everyone around me’s laughing, I’m so confused
I spent so long making this thing
What happened? Woodworking is the only thing that makes me feel sane
Now it’s all gone
It’s like I just threw away my life
The glue isn’t working at all, I’m in so much pain
I should have just known better than to try
Do they ever make glue that works? I think they lie.

You’re gonna need a hammer and a saw
And you’re gonna need a lot more than that
You’re gonna need some nails and some glue
You’re gonna need a whole lotta wood
It’s not about the tools, it’s about what you do
With the wood, baby, it’s all about the wood.
You’ve got to measure twice before you cut
Or your side table is gonna look like a hunk of junk
You’ve got to keep it square, or she’ll just fall apart
If you want to make something good, you gotta start at the start.

Come on baby, let’s get sawwy.
Come on baby, let’s get sawwy.
You’ve got the tools, I’ve got the glue.
Let’s build something together so we can see it through.
We’ll use a 2×4 and a 6×6 and make a coffee table with candlesticks,
And then we’ll make a shelf for all of our vases and jars and stuff.
And if you need help, I’ll be right here to lend you my hand.

glue like substance on shoe - Humorous Woodworking Song Lyrics
Glue like substance on shoe

Song lyrics about woodworking jigsaws

I wrote an article about jigsaws.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s just me
With my jigsaw in hand, I’m gonna make something good
So turn up the radio, I’ll come back when it’s done
And you’ll see that I did what no other man could
I made a bench! I made a bench! For all the neighbors to see
I made a bench! I made a bench! And you’ll agree
It looks so good! It looks so good! No one can see through the wood
It looks so good! It looks so good! Just like new

Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw
Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw
You came into my life with a blade that just wouldn’t quit
I told you I was no good at this kind of thing
But when you let me try you showed me that I really could build it
And now I’ve got a keepsake so beautiful it brings me to my knees.
Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw — makin’ me a masterpiece!

Grab my hammer and my nails
Don’t need to go to no retail
Just gonna make it myself
Let me get it out of the shelf
You can’t afford that new rocking chair?
Well, you’re in luck, ’cause I’m a woodworker, and I care.
I’ll build you one today, it’s okay!
After all, that is what I do.

i used to think that woodworking was the coolest
straight lines and sanded edges were my only tools
then i met you, jigsaw
you’ve made me feel so free
no more straight lines, no more right angles
curves and swirls are where it’s at!

Woodworking jigsaw
Woodworking jigsaw

Woodworking song lyrics about sanding

I wrote an article about sanding mistakes.

Rough around the edges, but I still love you
A little bit of sawdust, and I’m fine
You could cut my finger and I’d still love you
I don’t mind your splinters, ’cause you’re mine
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah
I don’t mind if you’re not sanded down!

verse 1:
You left me in the dust
I’m not surprised, no
You started out with a bang
But you don’t know how to finish a thing
I thought you’d be the one
But you didn’t know what to do, baby
‘Cause all you do is leave everything rough around the edges
All that’s left to do is sand it down, but you don’t do that
Instead of staining, you press on without preparing first
You call it rustic, I say it’s just unfinished stuff

You just don’t understand
The kind of pain I’m in (8x)
The table top’s not even smooth
No matter what I do
You said you’d sand it for me, but you lied!
And now the edges and the corners have me crying
You just don’t understand the kind of pain I’m in (4x)

I’m leaving you because you didn’t sand my woodworking project
You said you’d do it, and then you never did
Now I’ve gotta go
Gotta get outta this house
You’re just gonna have to stare at that unsanded table for the rest of your life, because I’m gone forever
There’s nothing left to lose now that I’ve lost all respect for us
If you couldn’t even take a few minutes to sand something down, how can I expect you to ever commit to me?
Nothing can make up for the fact that I’ve been left so raw and ragged
And now I see that you’re the type of person who doesn’t care about finishing things, even when they need it.

Man with sander
Man with sander

Woodworking song lyrics about carpentry

I’m a pine-nailer
I’m a carpenter’s tool, you know I’ve seen it all
Got a head for hammering, but I’m never gonna fall
On the floor of your workshop, ’cause my grip is strong
And I might as well be magic, ’cause I can’t go wrong.
Your wood is old and rotting, but don’t you worry none
I’ll make your boards strong again—you’ll see it when they’re done.
I’m a pine-nailer, and I’ve got everything you need
Just give me a good whack and watch the planks succeed.

I’m a carpenter by trade
I work with wood each day
And yesterday I had a project
That came out looking like a wreck
I used the wrong kind of wood
That was clear from the start
But now it’s too late, I’ve gone my way
It came out like a piece of art!

Woodworking song lyrics about saws

I’ve got a sweet, sweet table saw
It’s the best tool I have ever used
Don’t know what I’d do without it
Couldn’t imagine life without it
It’s my table saw.
Makes my work so much easier.
Its whine is like music to my ears.
Its teeth are like diamonds, ready to carve out any design I desire.
It’s my table saw.

Sometimes things don’t go the way that you expect
You just have to take a deep breath and accept it
But when everything turns out perfect in the end
You should sing about it with your best friend
I got a table saw for my birthday, for my birthday
We’re making some cabinets, with our new tools
The measurements are perfect, I’m so happy!
I got a table saw for my birthday
We’ve got one every day where we can work on ’em
The garage is full of sawdust, but at least we’re makin’ progress!

What’s in the shed?
Get rid of it
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
You don’t want to know what’s inside
I’ve been saying for a while now, we should burn this place down
And you finally agree with me
I told you not to buy that saw, I told you not to try that stain
But you didn’t listen and now it’s too late. What is in there?

Table saw with board
Table saw with board

Woodworking song lyrics about projects

I’ve got a jigsaw, it’s the one I love
I’m gonna get that piece of wood in shape
No need for a circular saw, it’s just not right
‘Cause my jigsaw will cut through the night
‘ve got a jigsaw, and that’s all I need
For cutting through wood with perfect precision
I bought it at the hardware store, I paid a fair price
And now I can make my projects nice
With my jigsaw! Yeah!

I’m deep in my workshop
I’m working on a project
I’m sanding it down
but—what’s this?—it’s not smoothed out.
Did I forget to sand?
Did I ignore the warning siren?
Okay, fine. Time for plan B:
I guess I’ll just use the orbital sander.
Gah! What a bummer!
This project is ruined!
Well, maybe not ruined, but it certainly won’t be as good as it could have been.

I was working on a woodworking project
took me FOREVER to work out the details
thought I’d finally done it, but I was wrong
my project fell apart, and now I’m sad and alone
I should have started with a plan

The jigsaw is the tool for me,
It’s what I use to cut that wood.
When I need a hole or a notch,
I just make it with my saw.
My jigsaw helps my projects get done,
And when I’m done, they look so fun.
My jigsaw is the best!

I’ve got a jigsaw and I know how to use it.
It’s gonna cut through this wood like it’s butter—just watch me.
I’m gonna cut this table leg just right, so it fits in with the rest.
This project is going to be the best.
I’m gonna make this table look great, when I’m done you’ll see:
My DIY skills will be legendary!

Humorous woodworking song lyrics about cutting

Oooh, I got a jigsaw, I got a jigsaw
I got a jigsaw, I got a jigsaw
ooh, I got a jigsaw, it cuts so smooth
Let’s use it to make some things!
I’ll cut you out a picture frame!
And maybe make you your own name!
We could even make an airplane!
With this instrument that makes things out of wood!
Oooh, I got a jigsaw, I got a jigsaw
I got a jigsaw, I got a jigsaw
Oooh, I got a jigsaw, it cuts so smooth
Let’s use it to make some things!

I can’t wait to use my new jigsaw
I got it on sale and I’m so glad
It’s the perfect tool for a woodworker like me
I’m gonna cut some wood with the jigsaw I got today
If you need me, I’ll be cutting up some wood
Yeah, can’t wait to use my new jigsaw

Humorous lyrics for songs about woodworking lifestyle

I wrote an article with 59 Cool Woodworking Sayings.

This is the song that never ends
It goes on and on my friend
Some people started woodworking it not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue woodworking it forever just because
This is the song that never ends
It goes on and on my friend
Some people started whittling it not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue whittling it forever just because
This is the song that never ends
It goes on and on my friend
Some people started hammering it not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue hammering it forever just because

I’m in the Zone,
Yeah I’m in the Zone
The woodworking zone
When I’m in the zone
I don’t even know
How much time has gone
Cause I’m in the zone
It’s a woodworking zone
I’m in the zone, it’s a woodworking zone

I drove my chisel into a knot
I pulled it out and there was rot
And I was mad that I had not
Checked the wood before I got
My chisel out, but now I’ve caught
The rot and can’t get rid of it
And have to start over with a different bit

I’m a woodworker
And I work the wood
I whittle and carve it
And I make it look good
When you need something made for you
Out of wood, what else to do?
Just take it to a woodworker, yeah!

I was working in my shop
I was building a table
It looked so good at first glance
But I wasn’t able to sell it
Turns out the wood was not sanded
And now I look like a fool

Woodworking song lyrics for good days

I wish I had a sawblade
But I ain’t got no sawblade
My little friend, I’ll just tell you why
Yesterday, I tried to make a table
But all it was, was nails and cable
And now it’s in the trash bin outside
And every time I think about it
I get so mad I want to shout it
I wish that I could find a way to fix it
But we don’t have a glue!

I had a dream about a rocking chair
It wasn’t what it seemed
It wasn’t carved just right
So it fell apart at the seams
I didn’t wanna glue it back together
But I know I should’ve tried
Now I’m just sittin’ here on the floor
Wondering where my plans went wrong
How could I be so wrong?

I was building the most beautiful table,
And I was so proud of how it was turning out.
But then it fell apart,
And now I’m not sure what to do about it.
The chairs are all ready,
But without a table, they’re useless as can be.
What am I going to do with these stupid chairs?
I guess I’ll just use them as footrests or something—maybe.

I made a chair out of a tree
And it turned out great
It’s really tall and sturdy
And it can support my weight!
I don’t have to use a stool
To reach the top shelf anymore
I got so excited about this chair, I built another one!

Good days image shows a smiling animal
Good Days Image

Humorous lyrics for woodworking songs about sawdust

Sawdust is everywhere
And there’s sweat in your hair
Your skin’s covered with sawdust
And you’re always aware
That power tools are dangerous
And nails are not a joke
You know you have to be careful
Or your thumb will get broke.
When you’re woodworking, it’s important that you wear gloves.

I thought I’d be stuck with a pile of sawdust
Instead, I have something that’ll last
I used to just stare at the wood and think, “What can I do here?”
Now it’s a rocking chair, right here in my home.
When things were tough, I kept on pushing through
Now I have something to show for it.

Man with green flannel shirt operates palm router - Palm router generates sawdustPalm router generates
Palm router generates sawdust

Final Words: Humorous Woodworking Song Lyrics

So there you have it. 35 woodworking songs that are sure to make you laugh and entertain your friends and family.

I hope these silly ditties made you chuckle and helped to pass the time in the shop.

As always, take care, be safe, and have fun!

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