11 Benefits Of Woodworking As A Hobby

Hands with woodworking tools - 11 Benefits Of Woodworking As A Hobby

Throughout the course of your life, you’re going to come across lots of opportunities. Some will lead you down a path with more happy, prosperous days ahead of you. Others will open doors that are full of unhappiness and hardship. Woodworking is one opportunity where the benefits far outweigh any other opportunity I can think … Read more

Board Foot vs Linear Foot: What’s The Difference?

Stacks of wood boards

Woodworking terminology is a bit different from the common math that you’re used to. While there are so many different aspects to measuring in carpentry, the linear foot and the board foot are pretty common standards but drastically different in definition. A linear foot is what you get from a ruler, twelve inches in length … Read more

5 Christmas Gifts For Child Woodworkers

Christmas presents near tree

Well, it’s that time of year again. What are some good Christmas gifts for child woodworkers? This is an interesting question to ask, because we all know that woodworking is a highly valuable and satisfying pursuit. It can make an excellent and enjoyable hobby. Why not share woodworking with someone else? The recipient can be … Read more

Everything You Need To Know To Start Woodworking

Hammer with rusty nails

Everything you need to know to start woodworking? It’s hard for a guide to cover all topics. However, the major issues will be listed here. We will also give you helpful tips and tricks. So, you decided to get into woodworking. Congratulations! It’s a very enjoyable, relaxing, worthwhile, and stress-relieving hobby. What’s more, you can … Read more