59 Cool Woodworking Sayings That Will Make You Smile

From time to time, we all need a bit of inspiration to help get us going on a tough day. Or even just for a pick-me-up. I’m sure my readers and other woodworkers get tired of the same old articles, describing arcane woodworking tips and techniques. Well, I decided to do something different for this blog post. Instead of being all serious and talking about woodworking, I came up with a list of cool woodworking sayings that will hopefully make you smile or laugh out loud.

If you’re looking for ones to get you motivated or just want a quick refresher of what it means to create something awesome, here is a list of sayings that’ll do just that!

Cool Woodworking Sayings

Salad in wooden bowl meme - Anyone can hand-make a bowl. It takes a woodworker to make a salad spinner

Anyone can hand-make a bowl. It takes a woodworker to make a salad spinner.

90% of woodworking involves setting things up and knocking them down.

I should make something with the fancy new tools I just bought.

The most skilled woodworkers know the best way to cut wood is to hit it really hard with a sharp object.

A good finish takes longer to apply than a bad finish.

Removing wood doesn’t show your skill, adding wood does.

I’ll know I’m a master woodworker when I can look at any two boards and see the tabletop in my head.

If you want to make real progress, build something that moves. It doesn’t have to be big or complex ― but moving.

Woodworking Hobby

Yellow duct tape meme - Sandpaper is the duct tape of woodworking

Sandpaper is the duct tape of woodworking.

Someone should make a coffee table or dining table entirely out of woodworking mistakes and leftover scraps of wood.

A handmade wooden object can’t be mass-produced.

The woodworking I have learned is not from a book but from doing it.

It’s the little details that make something look handmade.

You can fix the world when you are fixing things around your house.

When I get free time, I want to work on my own projects.

When woodworking projects go smoothly, I feel like I’m a good woodworker.

Figuring out how to build something from the ground up requires many attempts and a deep understanding of what you are doing.

Wish I had more time for woodworking.

I have always wanted to build something that lasts. Putting it on the wall is just a bonus.

Only work with wood that is easy to work with, but still stimulating in some way. With boring wood you will get bored, and with interesting wood, you will be inspired.

Woodworking is a great hobby that improves concentration and focus.

Any woodworking you can do yourself is good woodworking.

Just because you can’t do something well doesn’t mean you can’t do something well.

The more expert you are about something, the more you view that thing as a process and not an outcome.

Learning how to use a table saw is a gateway drug to other tools.

A wooden object you made with your own hands is your best advertisement.

There is no “best” way to do something – just different ways.

It’s easier to cut a piece of wood with a sharp tool.

Sometimes the right answer… is wood.

Woodworking Creativity

Crumpled sandpaper meme - No matter how well you sand, there will always be rough spots

No matter how well you sand, there will always be some rough spots.

There is a difference between whittling away at time and whittling away at a tree. One helps you pass time, the other allows you to create something from nothing.

Woodworking is a way to express emotions without words.

I’d like to be a combination of Richard Feynman and Paul McCartney.

Complexity is where people lose control. Simplicity is where you gain control.

Woodwork is an art.

There’s a deep satisfaction in making something.

It’s best to write down new ideas as thoughts and not let them sit in your head.

Woodworking is a great stress reliever.

This is a random blog about random thoughts, so I suppose this fits in here.

Making the empire state building involved more than just sending a bunch of guys to an island and telling them to build the biggest building in the world.

Woodworking is the art and science of taking a tree and making it into something.

I love woodworking for the creative challenge of making objects—and the chopping and hammering and sanding that goes along with it.

Woodworking is really an art form. People should take more pride in their craftsmanship.

Woodworking is like sculpting clay, but less time-consuming.

If there are no trees, then what kind of woodworking can you do?

No one is going to like what I create, but I still need to finish it so I can learn from it.

There’s a big difference between building and creating.

There is a thin line between impulsiveness and spontaneity.

I like to think of woodworking as an adventure sport.

Woodworking is one of the best ways to sharpen your senses.

Woodworking Business

Craftsman with sander meme - In organizations, some people are beholden to the rules, but some people are craftsmen

In organizations some people are beholden to the rules, but some people are craftsmen.

You should make 10 things to sell before you sell a thing that you make.

If you want to make an offer to help someone, make it as specific as possible.

Can we use machine learning to help with woodworking?

I enjoy woodworking because there’s no chance it’ll be obsolete anytime soon.

If you have a business and you manage it like a hobby, you’ll be a hobbyist. If you manage it like a business, you’ll be a businessman.

It’s never too early in your career to start making/creating.

I feel bad for the guy at Lowe’s who sells really expensive woodworking stuff to you because he knows it’s just a coverup.

I didn’t even know there was a term for those things on the end of pencils.

In Conclusion

So what have we discovered here? Well, first of all, that most of us are hard-wired to be craftsmen. Secondly, that it is natural to take delight in a job well done. Thirdly, that the road to becoming a master craftsman requires the right kind of mindfulness and practice. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is no wrong way to do something and no right way. There is only your way. Pick up some wood, put in some work, and have fun doing it!

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