45 DIY Tools Starting With P

Here’s a list of 45 DIY tools that you can use for your next project. They range from the very basic to some that are more advanced, but all of them are great for helping you get the job done!

The letter P stands for “patience”: 45 DIY Tools Starting With P

When you’re just starting out, it can be tempting to dive right into the fun projects that are all over the internet. But if you’re new to woodworking, you should take things slow and start with something simple—that’s where this post comes in. You’ll learn about 45 tools starting with P that will help you ease into woodworking at your own pace:

#1 – Paintbrush

This is one of the most important tools to have when you are working on a project. It can be used for painting, staining, and other types of craft projects. The size of the paintbrush will depend on what you’re using it for. For example, a small brush can be used to paint details in furniture and other types of projects, while larger brushes can be used for painting walls or other large areas.

#2 – Painter’s Tape

This is a type of tape that can be used to cover areas that you don’t want to be painted. It is used by painters to create crisp lines and straight edges. You can buy rolls of painter’s tape at most hardware stores and home improvement stores.

#3 – Pencils

Pencils are handy for marking lines on wood so that you can cut it easily with a saw or other tool. You can also use them to mark lines on walls, floors, or any surface that needs painting. There are lots of different types of pencils available: some just come in shades of gray and others have brightly colored casings and lead tips.

#4 – Padded Clamps

Padded clamps are also known as nonmarring clamps. They can be used to hold wood together without leaving a mark on the surface of your project. These are great for woodworking because they won’t scratch or damage your lumber while you’re working with it. You may also be interested in another article I wrote, about legs for a stool.

#5 – Plastic Wrap

If you’re working on a DIY project, you can use plastic wrap to keep your work area clean. It’s useful for covering the surface so that wood shavings and glue won’t get all over it.

#6 – Paint Roller

A paint roller is a long cylinder filled with paint that you roll over surfaces to apply it evenly. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use a sponge or rag.

#7 – Pliers

Pliers are any tool with two handles, a pivot point, and jaws used to grip objects firmly. They can also be used to cut wires or strip insulation from them.

#8 – Pincers

A pincer tool is a type of cutting tool that resembles scissors. The tool’s blades are arranged in a way that allows you to pinch and cut materials.

Pincer tool - 45 DIY Tools Starting With P
Pincer tool

#9 – Planes

Planes are used for smoothing wood boards down so they’re nice and flat—great for DIY woodworking projects! I wrote another article about everything you need to know to start woodworking.

#10- Punch

Punches are used for creating holes in sheets of metal or plastic so you can attach them together with bolts or nuts. They’re great when you need an extra hole somewhere!

#11 – Paint Scraper

A paint scraper is a tool that can be used to remove old paint, glue, and other substances from surfaces. It’s also handy for DIYers and those new to woodworking.

#12 – Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is another classic DIY/woodworking tool that you should never be without! It can be used for cutting rope and cord, scraping off excess material, or for other purposes depending on what kind of knife you have.

#13 – Pneumatic Nail Gun

If you want to install some cabinets or make furniture but don’t want to hammer each nail in by hand, then consider using a pneumatic nail gun instead! They’re easy to use and will save you tons of time and effort when compared with manual labor methods like hammering in nails by hand.

#14 – Pry Bar

Pry bars are hand tools used to pull two objects apart. They’re an essential tool for DIYers, people who are new to woodworking, and anyone else who needs to pry open a door or panel. Pry bars are made of metal and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

#15 – Putty Knife

A putty knife is a flat, flexible blade that you can use to apply putty, caulk, and other materials to your project. It’s a great tool for any DIYer who wants to make sure the seams between two pieces of wood are smooth and even.

#16 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is the gear you wear when working with tools in order to protect yourself from cuts and injuries. It includes gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, respirators, and other items depending on what you’re doing. For example: if you’re using power tools like drills or sanders then you should wear eye protection as well as ear protection!

Man with a respirator
Personal protective equipment – man with a respirator

#17 – Phillips Head Screwdriver

A Phillips head screwdriver is used for driving screws that have a cross-shaped tip. It’s also called a “crosshead screwdriver” because of the shape of the head on the screwdriver itself.

#18 – Plunger (aka toilet plunger)

Used to clear clogs in sinks, tubs, toilets—basically anything with a drain. It’s a good idea to keep one handy for any plumbing emergencies that might arise!

#19 – Power Sander

A Power Sander is a tool that uses an electric motor to move a sanding pad across a piece of wood. It’s great for smoothing out wood surfaces.

#20 – Paint Tray

A paint tray is a container used to hold and catch paint as it’s being applied to your project. It can be made from any material, but most DIYers prefer plastic or metal trays.

#21 – Palm Router

A palm router is a small handheld device that allows you to make grooves and shapes in pieces of wood.

#22 – Paring Chisel

A paring chisel is a short blade on a long handle, used to pare away excess wood.

#23 – Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener is a device that keeps your pencils sharp so that they will write clearly and easily.

Green pencil sharpener and colored pencil
Green pencil sharpener and colored pencil

#24 – Putty Knife

A putty knife is a tool that you can use to apply caulk, spackle, and other similar substances. It’s a must-have for any DIYer or woodworker.

#25 – Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is used to make the paint flow more easily out of your brush or roller. It also makes cleanup easier.

#26 – Plastering Trowel

A plastering trowel is a type of trowel used for spreading and leveling a thin layer of plaster over a surface.

#27 – Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard hooks are a type of pegboard accessory that helps you keep your tools organized and easy to access.

#28 – Paint Stirrer

A paint stirrer is a tool used to mix paint, It is usually made of wood, and can be used to stir any viscous liquid. An attachment for a drill can also be used to stir paint. I wrote another article about drill accessories.

#29 – Pocket Screw Jig

Pocket screw jigs are tools used to make pocket holes. These holes are typically used in woodworking, and can be used to make joints. These joints can be viable alternatives to traditional joints such as ones with dowels or screws. Pocket screws can be used with cabinets, furniture, and even toys!

#30 – Push Stick

A push stick gives you a safe way to guide the wood across your table saw and cut it into pieces without risking injury. Safety is another important topic. I wrote an article about dangerous woodworking tools.

#31 – Pipe Cutter

Pipe cutters are a type of pipe tool that helps you easily and quickly cut through metal pipes. This makes them great for DIYers, who are often working on plumbing and plumbing projects.

#32 – Portable Workbench

A portable workbench is a folding table that you can use to do woodworking. It’s usually made of wood or metal and has a top surface designed to hold your tools and materials.

#33 – Portable Worklight

A portable worklight is a light source that can be brought from one place to another.

Orange portable worklight
Orange portable worklight

#34 – Paddle Bit

A paddle bit is a drill bit with a flat bottom that resembles, well…a paddle. It’s used to bore holes in wood and goes by the name spade bit as well!

#35 – Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a tool that’s used to grip, turn, or rotate a pipe. It’s made of metal and has a U-shaped opening that fits around the pipe.

#36 – Popsicle sticks

If you’re new to woodworking and DIY, you might not know that the humble popsicle stick can be one of your most useful tools.

These little guys are especially good at prepping your wood. First, they help you draw lines on the wood so that it’s easier for you to cut with an X-acto knife or a saw. They also help you make sure that your cuts are even and straight, by acting as a guide for your saw blade.

For more advanced projects, popsicle sticks can be used as shims when shimming up pieces of wood so they fit together tightly.

If all else fails, just break apart a popsicle stick into smaller segments and use those as sanding blocks!

#37 – P-Clamp

The P-clamp is an essential tool for any DIYer or woodworker. It can be used to hold cables and hoses in place, as well as to secure objects together.

#38 – Power Drill

A power drill is a tool that you can use to bore holes in wood, metal, and other materials. This machine has a chuck on it that holds your drill bit and allows you to rotate it at high speeds. You can use this tool for all sorts of projects, from creating holes in walls for wiring to drilling holes in plastic or metal for hanging pictures.

#39 – Precision Screwdriver

Precision screwdrivers are used for small, delicate work such as watch repair or jewelry making. They are also used by technicians who work on computers and other electronic devices.

#40 – Properly Sized Screwdrivers

A properly sized screwdriver is an essential part of any DIYer’s tool kit. Knowing the right size of the screwdriver to use for a project is key to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. I wrote another article about the tools you need for your workbench.

Set of screwdrivers
Properly sized screwdrivers – set of screwdrivers

#41 – PVA Glue

PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) glue is a water-based glue used to join two pieces of wood together. It’s also known as white glue, carpenter’s glue, and School glue. PVA glues are commonly used in furniture making and other DIY projects.

#42 – Push Drill

A push drill is a hand tool used to bore holes in wood and other materials. It consists of a hollow, cylindrical shaft that rotates on its axis, with a handle at one end and a sharpened bit at the other. To use the push drill, you hold the handle and push it into the material you want to drill. The bit rotates as you push, boring out a hole in the material.

#43 – Pop Rivet Gun

A pop rivet gun is a tool used to quickly and easily attach metal components to one another. The tool is designed to work with a special metal rivet, or “pop” rivet, that is inserted into the end of the tool

#44 – Plumb Bob

A plumb bob is a weight on a string that you use to find vertical lines. It’s used by DIYers, builders, and carpenters to make sure they’re lining up things correctly.

Plumb bob
Plumb bob

#45 – Posthole Digger

A posthole digger is a tool used to excavate large holes for the installation of posts, fenceposts, and other upright structures. It is not a shovel but rather an implement that has its blade at the bottom—its purpose is to remove dirt and roots from the ground in order to make room for an object.

Final words …

Whew! Let’s stop at this point. I hope that you’ve found this list of 45 DIY tools starting with P helpful and that you’ll be able to put these tools to good use.

I also hope that this list will be helpful to both beginners and seasoned woodworkers by offering a variety of ideas for getting started on their next project.

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