What is a Jigsaw?

What is a Jigsaw

You’ve probably heard the term “jigsaw” used a lot in a woodworking setting, but maybe you’re not exactly sure what it means. Even if you do know what it is, you might not understand how these tools work. What IS a jigsaw? What differentiates them from circular saws? How can you tell if one is … Read more

What is a Mud Mixer Drill?

What is a Mud Mixer Drill

If you’re a DIYer or new to woodworking, you might have come across the term “mud mixer drill” and wondered what it meant. It sounds like a tool used to make mud pies, doesn’t it? The reality is that this tool has nothing to do with mud pies—and everything to do with improving the quality … Read more

What Is A Reverse Cut Jigsaw Blade?

What Is A Reverse Cut Jigsaw Blade

The jigsaw is a very flexible and versatile tool. However, the blades do break on occasion and need to be replaced. It’s clear that many different types are available for sale. One type that caught my attention is the “reverse cut” blade. I wasn’t sure what that type did, so I did a little research. … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of A Jigsaw?

What can I use instead of a jigsaw

When you’re just starting out in DIY and woodworking, one of the first tools you’ll want to get is a jigsaw. You might ask: What can I use instead of a jigsaw? The jigsaw is a versatile, portable woodworking tool that can cut curves in wood and other materials. It has a reciprocating blade and … Read more

Tools For DIY Wood Projects

Tools For DIY Wood Projects

Are you a DIYer? Or are you new to woodworking and need a few essential tools for your woodworking projects? This post will help to steer you in the right direction. Making the right tool choices can make your DIY projects more enjoyable and less frustrating. DIYers and those new to woodworking are often overwhelmed … Read more