Can I Use a T-Shank Blade in a U-Shank Jigsaw?

Ornate sword with T-shaped handle

If you use a jigsaw often, you probably asked this question: Can I use a T-Shank blade in a U-Shank jigsaw? And if you’re a woodworker or even hobbyist, you want to make sure your jigsaw is working properly and safely. I was looking for U-shank jigsaw blades recently. However, my local store didn’t have … Read more

Jigsaw vs Router: 15 Pros and Cons

Man with hand router woodworking tool

The Jigsaw vs Router: Which one is better? Can you cut wood with these woodworking power tools? This post is about power tools for the beginner. It focuses on a comparison of the Jigsaw vs Router. Does one tool have advantages over the other? The post will list pros and cons in order to help … Read more

What is a Saber Saw Used For?

Saber saw woodworking tool

So, what is the saber saw used for? Do you swing swords in order to chop wood into pieces? No, you don’t. Actually, there is a lot of confusion about the name. I’ll try to clarify things: The Saber saw is a portable woodworking tool and can also be called a Sabre Saw or a … Read more

Can an Electric Drill be used as a Screwdriver?

Drill with screwdriver bit

Modern electric drills for woodworking are extremely versatile. There are many different types of drill bits and also accessories for the drill. However, can an electric drill actually be used to turn screws, as with a screwdriver? The short answer to this question is Yes! In our discussion below, we will assume that the operator … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Dangerous Woodworking Tools

Woodworking safety glasses

In this blog post, we will talk about dangerous woodworking tools. Not all tools are the same: some are clearly more hazardous than others. There are many ways to cut a piece of wood. You need to find methods that are effective, efficient, and also safe. Modern tools allow the woodworker to make his projects … Read more