Why is reclaimed wood so expensive?

This image shows barn wood

Why is reclaimed wood so expensive? What are the advantages? What are the drawbacks? It can be even more expensive than other, customary types of wood. In this article, we will answer several questions: Is this expense justified? Why is it an eco-friendly alternative and are there any problems with this? How can you get … Read more

Is Wood Recyclable or Garbage?

Wood waste made of broken pallets

Is wood recyclable or garbage? Can recycled wood be reused? for something else of value when you’re finished with it? Or, do you need to throw it out in a landfill? Using an old saying, we can rephrase the question like this: Is one man’s trash another man’s treasure? The short answer to this question … Read more

How To Support A Wooden Shelf

Messy garage shelf

This article shows how to support a wooden shelf. There are really many ways to do this. It’s a good idea to consider how this will be done in the early stages of your project. You should consider things like: What’s the purpose of the shelf? – Are you using it to hold heavy objects, … Read more

Why Should You Use a Carriage Bolt?

A green wagon made with carriage bolts

So, your plans call for 3 carriage bolts to hold the top planks to a frame. Why should you use a carriage bolt? Can you use something else? Well, the short answer is: You should use carriage bolts in order to fasten wood to metal. Carriage bolts make this process quick and easy. You just … Read more

What is a Saber Saw Used For?

Saber saw woodworking tool

So, what is the saber saw used for? Do you swing swords in order to chop wood into pieces? No, you don’t. Actually, there is a lot of confusion about the name. I’ll try to clarify things: The Saber saw is a portable woodworking tool and can also be called a Sabre Saw or a … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Countersink Wood Screws

Screw and split wood

In this article, I will show why it’s important to countersink wood screws.  Also, I’ll show what can happen if you don’t countersink. First, what is countersinking? Well, a typical wood screw has a chamfer angle of 82-degrees at the top. By this, I’m referring to the vee at the screw head. This vee will push wood away … Read more