What is a Mud Mixer Drill?

What is a Mud Mixer Drill

If you’re a DIYer or new to woodworking, you might have come across the term “mud mixer drill” and wondered what it meant. It sounds like a tool used to make mud pies, doesn’t it? The reality is that this tool has nothing to do with mud pies—and everything to do with improving the quality … Read more

Why Is My Corded Drill Sparking?

Bolt of lightning

If you’re wondering “Why is my corded drill sparking?”, there could be a number of reasons why. Corded drills tend to spark when new or being used for the first time, when there is dirt on the surface of the motor’s commutator, or the commutator has a pitted surface.  Some corded drills have a brushed … Read more

Can an Electric Drill be used as a Screwdriver?

Drill with screwdriver bit

Modern electric drills for woodworking are extremely versatile. There are many different types of drill bits and also accessories for the drill. However, can an electric drill actually be used to turn screws, as with a screwdriver? The short answer to this question is Yes! In our discussion below, we will assume that the operator … Read more