7 Reasons Why You Should Countersink Wood Screws

Screw and split wood

In this article, I will show why it’s important to countersink wood screws.  Also, I’ll show what can happen if you don’t countersink. First, what is countersinking? Well, a typical wood screw has a chamfer angle of 82-degrees at the top. By this, I’m referring to the vee at the screw head. This vee will push wood away … Read more

How to Find a Profitable Woodworking Niche

Notch carved out of tree

Tired of making things for everyone? Why don’t you find a profitable woodworking niche, and simplify your woodworking business? As we will see, a niche can help your woodworking business in many ways. 1. Find A Profitable Woodworking Niche: What Is It? So, what is a Woodworking Niche? A tree with a section carved out … Read more