5 Christmas Gifts For Child Woodworkers

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Well, it’s that time of year again. What are some good Christmas gifts for child woodworkers? This is an interesting question to ask, because we all know that woodworking is a highly valuable and satisfying pursuit. It can make an excellent and enjoyable hobby. Why not share woodworking with someone else? The recipient can be a child, nephew, niece, grandchild, or other youngster. This doesn’t matter. However, it’s only natural to share something we all enjoy with others.

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Christmas Gifts For Child Woodworkers

Giving a Christmas gift for a child can be loads of fun. However, it’s not always that easy. There are many things to consider. These include the following:

How Much To Spend On Christmas Gifts For Child Woodworkers

Checking the Internet, I saw that the National Retail Federation had data about Per Person Planned Holiday Gift Spending for family, friends, and co-workers:



Well, these figures are for all of the family members in the years 2016 – 2020. You certainly don’t need to spend this much. However, it gives an idea of what other people are spending for their gifts.

 Also, the value of the gift is not necessarily related to the amount you pay.  For example, video game systems might be extremely expensive. However, they might not make the lasting impact you’re looking for. You can opt for much less expensive presents.

It’s amazing to see how generous people are and how eager they are to spend large sums. However, that’s really another matter and I don’t want to get off the subject. 

Also, we need to keep in mind that these figures have to do with holiday gifts in general, not woodworking gifts. However, we can look at a woodworking gift as a typical holiday gift expense.

Now that we’ve looked at some of these matters I’ll show you several woodworking gift ideas: 

#1 – Young Woodworkers Kit Club

What is the Young Woodworkers Kit Club? Actually, it’s one of the many kit clubs offered by Annie’s. Annie’s was founded in 1925. It sells books, magazines, craft kits, and online classes. The products are oriented towards crafting, sewing, knitting, and similar. 

This Kit club makes it easy to send your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, or anyone, monthly woodworking projects in a convenient and economical way. The projects are very simple to put together. The age range is 7-12 years. These simple projects are things like a wooden truck, helicopter, candy dispenser, etc.

The wood is pre-cut. You don’t need to use dangerous power tools. Even the holes are pre-drilled. This makes it easier for younger children to have success with the project. Adult supervision might still be needed.

The pre-drilled holes are really a very good feature. They not only make it easier for the child to assemble the project, but they can help avoid catastrophes such as holes drilled into the wood dining table! Also, holes often have to be made in the correct place. Younger children might have a problem with critical measurement skills and have difficulty placing them exactly where they should be. The pre-drilled holes avoid this.

The first three shipments will include tools such as hammer, measuring tape, and carpenter’s square.



Join the Young Woodworkers Kit Club

#2 – Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit

This kit is made for children and contains all the supplies needed to make six projects! Example projects are a miniature table, piggy bank, pen holder, truck, and more. The child will have a great time putting these projects together, and will pick up some valuable skills along the way.

For example, it’s necessary to use a hammer and other hand tools to put the pieces together. This helps to build eye hand coordination. Also, it can help improve fine motor skills. In addition, these kits can improve measurement skills.

What’s the difference between #2 – Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit  and  #1 – Young Woodworkers Kit Club? Well, with #1 you purchase a membership for a new project each month while #2 is a one-time-purchase of 6 projects. Is one better than the other? Some people feel that memberships make better gifts. However, others favor one-time-purchases. This is an individual choice. 



See the Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit on Amazon

#3 – Melissa & Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse

Melissa & Doug is a well-known toy manufacturer. They make wooden toys such as puzzles, educational toys, and other items. 

This birdhouse is very easy to assemble. They also include parts you need such as screws, paint, and a paintbrush. 

It makes a great gift for a child 5 to 10 years of age. First, it’s fun for the child to make the birdhouse during rainy days. Also, the child develops a feeling of accomplishment when the item is completed.

The child develops valuable skills when putting together the birdhouse. These include fine motor skills and even artistic skills.



See the Melissa & Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse on Amazon

#4 – Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids Woodworking Children

This tool belt is kid sized and made out of suede leather. So, it’s durable and will not tear easily. It makes the perfect gift for junior builders and helpers.

This belt has a waist size of 21 inches to 28 inches. So, it will fit many younger children! Also, it will hold numerous tools, such as a hammer, pencils, a measuring tape, etc. The belt is heavy-duty and weighs less than a pound.



See the Kids Tool Belt on Amazon

#5 – Craftsy

Why am I putting this here? What does this have to do with woodworking?

As you may know, Craftsy offers streamed courses. That is, you can play them on your computer without having to put in a DVD for the course, much like Netflix. These cover all sorts of craft topics, including woodworking. Some of the courses do not require the use of power tools, and might be suitable for advanced child woodworkers.

Also, these courses cover a wealth of related topics, such as crafting, drawing, and painting. These can have educational value and be useful to young woodworkers.

In addition,  courses really have value as gifts. Rather than a one-time project, you’re teaching the child new skills. The situation relates to this proverb:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life


Well, the “course” is the “fish” . So, a “course” might make a better gift than a “toy” that doesn’t make a lasting impression on the child. If the child learns a new skill due to the course, the entire life of the child can be affected in a positive way.




A child woodworker might be a son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandchild or any youngster. He/she might help a grandparent take measurements, hold tools, like to “build things”, and so on. What should you get children like this for Christmas or the other holidays? What are the Christmas gifts for child woodworkers?

There are really many possibilities: These include subscriptions for project kits to arrive every month, packages with a fixed number of woodworking projects, and other alternatives.

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